flights of desire

Let me grab this moment

The silence of my being
Of long roads that tread no far
My shadowed dream
Looking out, falling deep
And all that remain in between
The fire, heightened desire
My aspiration to redeem

Let me reach the goals I transpire
I will, indeed…

Scuffling through what’s brewing in my mind
I’m bent on the theme
Of naive spirit, untapped potential
I want to unveil the scheme
Unfasten the ties, the moment’s near
And wait no more until time is grim

Let me give what I owe myself
Sheltered yearning as they seem
I will, indeed…

The world is not enough
It’s neither hostile nor it’s green
In the mountains or into the seas
A chance is simmering
Behold my new grown wings, I will soar
It’s a calling, my freedom, and I grin
A step closer, it’s nearer than I thought
Breaking barriers, my inhibitions go scream

With small steps, these milestones I achieve
Haven’t I already? Indeed



How often do you fall back on your innerself

There are two ways in which one can learn from life. One, from what others have experienced and passed on to others – The External. The second, by one’s own learning through life’s journey – The Internal. Experience is a hard teacher but the best of all. Thanks to all mistakes, failures, hardships – learning is a much enriching experience than otherwise when you are on the top of the world.

The fundamental difference in the two is what makes of you as a person. If you are someone who constantly looks outwards for solace and guidance and whose motivation is driven by others’ consent, you are still a long way in finding self assurance. Reflecting inwards and searching for answers comes with time and contemplation.

Much of your external learning can be attributed to influences from home, society, friends that surround our life events and circumstances. But, connecting to oneself is a habit not taught often.

Establishing a connect with oneself strengthens you and sets you free from burdens. It’s an acquired virtue built over time. This relationship isn’t easily broken. With every life experience this bond will reveal an evolved version of yourself.

Take any situation or dilemma head-on and let it pass. Everything has an expiry date. Don’t avoid circumstances that can break you. Build a bridge over it by focusing on solutions and not the challenge at hand. Otherwise things get blown out of proportion.

Quiet the mind

Look inwardly, recognize your emotions, accept and appreciate for what is. Challenges don’t get fixed  overnight. You will always find the best resolution with a controlled, level-headed mindset. Situation may take you for a ride but don’t let yourself be swayed. Time flies fast but it’s about how long you allow thoughts to linger and burn your precious time away.

Focus on self

Talk to yourself. Appreciate your inner strengths and your experiences. Don’t lose your self-belief. The ride can get bumpy by external disturbances and negativity. In a trying situation, silence can be the best answer. Understand that your time will come. It is very important to change your own viewpoint/behavior instead of focusing on changing that of others. Don’t get caught in others’ mental state.


Time has a wonderful way of showing what really matters. What matters today will probably be the least of your priorities tomorrow. Let time do its work, take control of now, build your patience and strength throughout.

Heal with music

The wonder drug for the soul, it speaks what can’t be expressed. A powerful medium that directly touches the spirit.

Self expression

Expressing yourself shouldn’t mean that you catch a fight with someone. The voices inside can sometimes swell while attempting to conclude your thoughts or while trying to mend a difficult situation. This energy is strong and needs to be channelized positively. Creatively express it through writing, reading books, playing a sport, painting, photography, learning new skills etc.

I realized – The journey inwards is the true purpose of our lives. It has answers that none can give. It’s a boundless by time – a trip that takes you to fullness, freedom, solace and eternity. A space of awareness. And certainly a journey that one can seek and achieve even while living in the external.